Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Defense of the Superwoman

So what did she do?—
Did she take a wrecking ball
To your dreams?

Did she burn your fondest memories
And put her own in their place?
You must think she’s

A cuckoo bird
Who kicked your eggs
Out of the nest

While wearing nothing
But a trenchcoat and
Red stilettos.

She’s not so immodest as
You insist she is.
Have you even caught her naked?

Stripteasing and
Dry-humping for him
Atop her baby grand?

Or worse—
Sticking fragrant rose bouquets
In her forbidden regions?

No? But my, wouldn’t it be juicy!
Too bad for you, for a Superwoman knows
How to kiss the sky—

No need to fondle the dirt.
She can rise above it
And touch the sun.

Can you?...

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