Saturday, April 30, 2011


I’m standing before you.

I’m standing before you
In some static dimension.

I’m standing before you―
Inside and outside of myself...

I'm standing...I’m peeling away.

As you command, I’m peeling away,
Removing my layers, one by one...

My walls, my barriers――

As I peel away, you see it.
You see the grunge, the skin of dirt.

You see the truth. You see it――

You’ve seen enough. No―
You’ve seen more than enough.

But it’s not want more.

So I continue on, discarding
My last line of defense.

You see everything. You see my――

I swallow my breaths...
I’ve been exposed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few notes... (4.12.2011)

I thought I'd give a few notes on some of the poems I've posted so far...

Purge Scenario #1 (4.10): This is the first poem in my series of "scenario" poems, referring to a thought technique that I had used before with unfavorable fantasies about people I either didn't care for or wanted to get over. I call my efforts "purge scenarios."

*"Written verse," of course, refers to my poetry drafts; "black pearl" and "Dell baby" both describe my computer.

December 7, 1998 (3.31): This poem describes a bullying incident in high school.

In Defense of the Superwoman (3.16): I had gotten tired of online trolls picking on Alicia Keys, one of my favorite artists. So I wrote this poem in her defense. I don't intend for anyone to agree with me, only to hear where I'm coming from.

Persephone and Hades (2.21): By now, just about everyone's heard the survival story of Jaycee Dugard. This is my tribute to her. In the poem she is the speaker, her words directed toward her captor, Phillip Garrido. I thought that the Greek myth about Persephone's abduction fit perfectly.

*Diem perdidi is Latin, meaning "it's my unlucky day"; literally translated, it means "I lost the day." In the poem, I was playing on the phrase's literally translated meaning.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Purge Scenario #1

At an ungodly hour, in my dusty night garb,
I drift into my usual waking notion,
Which takes me to a place foreign to me
In the weeknight’s cemetery hours.

I see you, in uniform, approaching me,
Singing to me a familiar selection
Which here makes sense, while dancing
In a way that just makes you look like......

I’m pulled into a place that I may have seen.
You’ve undone yourself, surrounded by
Scantily-clad women in colorful adornments.
Your newfound audacity amazes me.

You shove me into a nearby chair
And force me to listen as you sing
Of the non-necessity of spoken language
As your concubines dance around you.

Before me I see my investments—
My written verse and my black pearl.
You take my verse and tear it in two;
My Dell baby you grind to dust.

I rage, and scream, and cuss, and attack
But my words are muffled behind your notes.
Your helpers pull me back and away
As I guarantee your immediate death.

Before I can break free to keep my promise
I return to myself and my own dull reality,
Laughing at the thought of my secret boldness,
Hoping this adventure will distance us.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


While window shopping at the mall
I stop by a jewelry display case
Where something catches my attention――
It is a set of silver keys.
Shiny, beautiful little keys.
I am obsessed by these keys.
I don’t know why, but I like keys.
Lately there’s been something about them…
Something that gives them importance.
I guess it’s what they signify.
Keys, to most, mean access―
A way in, a way out.
With keys we open many things――
Locks, doors, chests and drawers;
Hearts, souls, our wildest dreams.

Keys can also set us free――
From prison cells and rusty cages;
From the confines of our own madness.
Maybe I’m seeking access to something―
Something that’s been denied me for years,
Or something I myself have denied.

Or maybe I long to escape,
To break away and be free…
Or, perhaps, to set something free.

Whatever my desire, here I stand,
Admiring these trinkets and their sparkle,
Thinking to myself,

Gotta have one, one of those keys.
But my money isn’t enough. See?—
I need a way out. I need access.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Scenario #38

We’ve disappeared together―
Vanished, you and me.

We’ve abandoned our lives
To escape for a night,

Out into a field of darkness
Under the moon and her stars.

We give in to our passion
Upon a blanket of wild grass.

For a moment we gaze into the heavens,
Overtaken by the vastness of space.

Our sweet throes are accompanied
By the chirpy ballads of crickets

And the warm, whispering whoosh
Of a summer night’s breeze,

Which caresses the canopies
Of the nearby willow trees;

We retreat to their shadows
Once the open cools down,

Resuming our rendez-vous while
The moon peeks in at us from the sky

And the fireflies entertain us
With their illuminating tangos.