Monday, February 21, 2011

February 16, 2004

Music blasts from my bulky Walkman.
I don’t pay attention;
My mood is too high.

Two fools at my stop—
One needs a light,
But there’s nothing to smoke.

I look up and feel uneasy;
Suddenly aware of the power lines,
I proceed to move down another block.

Man in black calls me back,
But I shoo him off.
I can’t stay…I’m too cautious.

A sudden embrace across my back
Becomes a death grip.
Too much—my neck could crack!

I scream, and I pray,
And I pray, and I pray…
No one out but him, me, and ghosts.

Sanctuary approaches!
Its glowing banner is my salvation;
The black flag of death is put asunder.

The shadow disappears;
I gather my reason and my purse.
My money he wasn’t after.

My eyes open from then on.
Even in daylight I watch for shadows,
For shadows can still block out the sun.

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