Monday, February 21, 2011

Le Garçon

Those eyes, those soulful eyes!
Their illumination beckons.
They seduce me, pulling me in your direction
With their silent, sultry song,
Clouding my thoughts, haunting my dreams,
Caressing the essence of my very soul.

Your face, your rich dark hair, your swagger,
Even your tattered hippie clothes—
Everything about you makes my heart dance.
I see your personality; I hear your voice.
These things make me quiver.
For a moment, you become a god.

How I long to be your goddess,
That we may build a temple together.
But you consort with your maidens,
And you drink your wine,
And you fool around in your lightning clouds
And you leave me to die among the accursed mortals!

Your silence is a deafening torture;
My ears have bled three years nonstop.
Around you, all I hear is dust.
I blame myself, for loving you.
All I ever did was love you.
Perhaps I stifled your air?...

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