Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Scenario #38

We’ve disappeared together―
Vanished, you and me.

We’ve abandoned our lives
To escape for a night,

Out into a field of darkness
Under the moon and her stars.

We give in to our passion
Upon a blanket of wild grass.

For a moment we gaze into the heavens,
Overtaken by the vastness of space.

Our sweet throes are accompanied
By the chirpy ballads of crickets

And the warm, whispering whoosh
Of a summer night’s breeze,

Which caresses the canopies
Of the nearby willow trees;

We retreat to their shadows
Once the open cools down,

Resuming our rendez-vous while
The moon peeks in at us from the sky

And the fireflies entertain us
With their illuminating tangos.

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