Saturday, April 9, 2011


While window shopping at the mall
I stop by a jewelry display case
Where something catches my attention――
It is a set of silver keys.
Shiny, beautiful little keys.
I am obsessed by these keys.
I don’t know why, but I like keys.
Lately there’s been something about them…
Something that gives them importance.
I guess it’s what they signify.
Keys, to most, mean access―
A way in, a way out.
With keys we open many things――
Locks, doors, chests and drawers;
Hearts, souls, our wildest dreams.

Keys can also set us free――
From prison cells and rusty cages;
From the confines of our own madness.
Maybe I’m seeking access to something―
Something that’s been denied me for years,
Or something I myself have denied.

Or maybe I long to escape,
To break away and be free…
Or, perhaps, to set something free.

Whatever my desire, here I stand,
Admiring these trinkets and their sparkle,
Thinking to myself,

Gotta have one, one of those keys.
But my money isn’t enough. See?—
I need a way out. I need access.

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